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Welcome to the Daily Prayer Project.  We hope you find this guide helpful as you practice presence and communion with the Lord at the beginning and end of each day.  

Christmas & Epiphany 2022-2023

"Friends, our eyes, like these who saw before us, have seen God’s salvation through the light and life of Jesus Christ, and the invitation, then, is the same invitation to us today: Behold! But what does it mean to behold? It certainly means to look, but it is much more than that. The word’s etymology suggests more than a cursory glance or even an intent look; it is a considering, a possessing, and of course, a holding. It is to keep and preserve that which was seen so that one’s life is transformed by the sight. Our hope as we’ve curated the Christmas and Epiphany edition is that we would aid your looking at this King, for to look is to live.
We are guided to behold in various ways throughout this edition. We’ve included eight Nativity artworks from various countries, like a painting by Japanese artist Hiroshi Tabata and a linocut by Azaria Mbatha of South Africa. These visuals are helpful objects for Susan Porterfield Currie’s encouragement toward holy gazing using the ancient practice of visio divina. Our readings and prayers provide fodder for meditation, an act that Russ Whitfield compares to eating—a holy feasting on God’s word, and work for spiritual nourishment and renewal. These elements and more have been curated with one solitary objective in mind: to behold our God."
Excerpted from DPP Christmas & Epiphany 2022-2023

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