Growing together.

Being a student in a formative chapter in your life. Wherever you are at with the Christian faith, we aim to come alongside you to help you explore the person of Jesus is and how your own story intersects with the story of God. We hope to come alongside you in your journey by connecting you into our intergenerational church family. 

Community Gatherings

You are always welcome to check out the many ways we gather as a community of God's people.  There is always an event coming up...check out the ones in the next few weeks and plan to come!  This is a great way to causally connect with others.

Community Groups

Get Connected. Go Deeper.

Community groups are one of the primary places that we get to know one another, care for another, and help one another grow in the gospel. These groups meet regularly in homes throughout Greater Portland for fellowship, study, and prayer. Groups also often particpate in fun social events and local service projects.

Questions about Student Ministry?

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